Since the creation of CyclePower in 2011, DSR have committed to establishing working relationships with disability groups and organsiations to improve awareness of people with disabilities and to assist with providing equipment to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in sport. They have also assisted with establishing lasting sporting programs, which they regularly visit.


Primary purpose

CyclePower utilizes fundraising as a means to promote healthy lifestyles and awareness for people with disabilities. Monies raised goes towards providing Victorians with a disability, sporting opportunities for participation as well as clothing and equipment to support those less fortunate in neighboring countries. Each cycling participant must raise a targeted amount for each trip. It is then up to the individual on how they would like to raise the money.

During the fund raising and training stages, it is a great opportunity to get exposure for people with disabilities. Not only does it showcase what can be achieved but also creates a positive image of what is possible for those living with a disability. Social media is a great way for people to follow the progress of the participants, or you can see them on bikes or hand cycles cruising around the streets.



The benefits of being part of CyclePower and donating to CyclePower, speaks for themselves.

  • Best way to see a country
  • Love bike riding
  • Get fit
  • Build confidence
  • Challenging mentally & physically
  • Meet new people
  • Learn about your capabilities, push the boundaries
  • Raise awareness for people with disabilities
  • Help those less fortunate
  • Raise funds for DSR to create more sporting opportunities in Victoria
  • An adventure and experience of a lifetime

CyclePower Vietnam 2011

Distance 540kms

Amount raised $80,000

Contribution- CyclePower donated 20 sports wheelchairs to charity partner East Meets West Foundation

Cyclists alongside 5 local athletes with a disability visited the Village of Hope Orphange (home to 40 children with disability) and ran a wheeltalk session.


CyclePower Cambodia 2012

Distance- 370km

Focus- Empower women with a disability

Contribution- Built pilot program for women’s wheelchair basketball (current)


CyclePower Fiji 2013

Leanne was fortunate enough to participate in CyclePower in 2013 to Fiji, with Basketball team mate and friend Shelley Chaplin. The duo had to fundraise a minimum of $9,000 to partake in the adventure of a lifetime. The pair went above and beyond to fundraise via Team Bus for the event ensuring their spots to Fiji.

The timing of CyclePower was perfect for the athletes after they finished with a Silver medal at the 2012 London Paralympics. The hype of the games was tough to beat but having something new and exciting to train for, was refreshing for them both.

Both Leanne & Shelley trained for 6 months in preparation for the 500km journey. But nothing prepared them for the experience Fiji had to offer. ‘I’ve not experienced riding like this before’ Leanne explains. ‘The kilometres of undulation was unbelievable. Just when you think you’ve seen the last mountain top, up pops the next one. Dealing with the heat and long hours was tough but backing it up each day was the hardest part of all. After a few days of riding, your body knows what to expect and each day got easier. The scenery was spectacular. There’s something to be said for being at one with oneself on a bike in the middle of a country, just with your thoughts'.

The CyclePower Fiji journey showcased team work and friendship amongst the entire group, as well as a desire to help others whilst achieving personal success. Sporting equipment, wheelchairs and Australian sporting uniform was generously donated throughout the trip.  

Leanne & Shelley's preparation video

Leanne & Shelley's successful Fijian journey


CyclePower Thailand 2014

CyclePower Thailand was a much tougher trip to prepare for as the girls had a World Championship for basketball to prepare for. The girls were away almost every month in preparation for their sport. Training for CyclePower Thailand was non existent. The girls were away the month prior to Thailand resulting in their campaign being under prepared. Thailand was also a country they had never visited before. None the less, they took the challenge on regardless of their complete lack of training and decided to 'wing it'!!

With one and a half day turn around from basketball commitments to CyclePower, they begin their journey in Surat Thani jetlagged, sleepy and somewhat grumpy. The first two days almost broke the duo, with sweltering days, long hours on the bike with heads winds most of the way. The days seemed to go on forever however after a few nights of solid sleep, the girls found their cycling groove and began enjoying their trip.

With support of the other 18 riders, together they conquered over 600km's of undulating hills and extreme temperatures as they made their way around Thailand. Along the way, they stopped to meet local councillors (making the news) at every stop. Along with sweltering temperatures, the crew also experienced multiple downpours. This adventure had it all and didnot disappoint. Stopping half way through their trip in Krabi, they rest,shop, eat and soak up the culture that surrounds them. 

Towards the end of the trip, the CyclePower group visited a local special school, delivering much needed sporting equipment which they were extremely grateful. One of the highlights of the trip for the girls was taking an elephant ride and also spending time washing the elephants during their down time. "Wow, what an incredible experience to be so close to these beautiful animals. I was quite scared at first but Shelley assured me everything would be ok, so i believed her" Leanne laughs. "I've pushed my boundaries yet again and ridden through some unforgiving terrain and circumstances and still, we've come out on top and we're proud of the group for succeeding in yet another wonderous adventure".

The girls end their journey in Phuket relieved but sad that their adventure is over. The momories, the landscape, the history, the people, the food, it all seemed to win the hearts of Shelley and Leanne and they look forward to returning soon.




CyclePower Cambodia & Vietnam 2016

In August of 2016, the CyclePower crew took on the challenge to ride 500km across Cambodia & Vietnam, after raising a whopping $10,000 for people with disabilities. Cambodia, a beautiful country full of history, cutlure, delicious food and the most humble and welcoming people they have ever met. With warm temperatures and flat roads, the journey seemed quite effortless. The countryside made each pedal worthwhile, stopping by the side of road mingling with the locals and showcasing what people with disabilities can achieve. The temples were breathtaking, spiritual and reflective. You could spend hours wandering around Siem Reap. Leanne was lucky enough to experience a Cambodian birthday. 'There's something special about spending your birthday in a foriegn country. I was spoilt by everyone and i loved it.'

The highlight of the Cambodian leg was visiting the Battambang Women's Wheelchair Basketball team. The CyclePower team got to spend a few hours with the women sharing stories and watching an exhibition match while Leanne and Shelley helped out. At the end of the day, the girls handed out Australian uniform to each of the players as well as donations and sporting equipment donated by DSR. A truly humbling experience to be able to provide more opportunities for these ambitious and talented women.

As the crew sadly said goodbye, they welcomed Vietnam with open arms. With new tour leaders and a new country to visit, they were very excited to get going. It didnt take them long to discover that the countryside was greener, the roads undulating and towns just generally busier. Ho Chi Minh City proving to be the highlight as they visited a war museum as well as visit the memorial site of the Battle of Long Tan. The CyclePower crew were taken on a tour of one of the many underground tunnels used during the war. Those game enough to climb through the tunnels got to experience first hand, the conditions in which men, women and children lived. A grim and freightning way of life for so many. None the less, an amazing opportunity to learn, discover and be part of the culture.

As the trip came to end, once again CyclePower prooved to be an unforgettable experience that changes the lives of all involved.