Motivation- The missing piece in everyone’s puzzle 

Leanne’s burgeoning public speaking career initially began as a ‘one off’ community engagement for the Australian Red Cross back in 2002.  After receiving blood products for more than five years, Leanne agreed to speak at a prestigious private school about her journey with the Red Cross. She spoke passionately about the story of acquiring a disability, overcoming adversity, how blood products were able to increase her quality of life, and to moving forward and striving to be the best that she can be. Being just 22 years old, she was able to relate to the high school students as a ‘real life’ reason for giving blood.

 ‘My story hasn’t all been happy times, but I lived to tell the tale and it only gets better and better. If I can reach out to someone about my journey, change someone’s outlook on life or reignite the passion in someone’s heart, then all that I have gone through has been worthwhile.”

Leanne has since spoken at schools (primary through to college), government agencies, award ceremonies, private organisations, support groups, sporting agencies and corporate groups. The demand for her services is increasing with each engagement!

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